Trump's new lawyer: Harvey Richards, Lawyer for Children!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald Trump gets a new lawyer to match his temperament and mindset: Harvey Richards, Lawyer for Children!


It’d be even funnier if it weren’t so etc etc



Your FACE is obstructing justice!


Your mom colluded with the Russians.


I think I know the perfect riposte to Trump’s defence strategy; repeat after me, “Trump and Putin, Sittin’ in a tree, K, I, S, S, I, N, G!”


“And if you get to sit in the driver’s side of a fancy truck, don’t be afraid to say ‘Vroom vroom!’ Then they know you’re serious!”


This is a terrifyingly appropriate bit of character cross-over.
Edit: I would also not be surprised to see a Percival Dunwoody, Idiot Time-Traveler cross-over where he goes back in time to kill candidate Trump and ends up with a job on the campaign/administration.


This Bolling guy is a genius, but Hair Furor’s hands are still grotesquely larger than life. It’s like he’s a homunculus or something. Did they not teach drawing and proportion and stuff at cartoonist’s school? Kids these days and all.

Too bad agent Stormy isn’t in this episode (sigh).

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If it’s little hands you’re looking for, check out Mike Norton’s “Lil’ Donnie” comic…

He’s the guy who did the Battle Pug web comic if that rings a bell.

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Stealing that for Twitter.

If I were a graphically skilled person I photoshop or draw something.

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Just photoshop in some branches.


Wow! thx, those are so proportional. Finally the hands are life size (like the _____, tiny)

I saved this one:

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The drool really makes that picture.

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Saturday Night Live once tried to do a parody of Laverne and Shirley. But nothing they could come up with was noticeably sillier than the original, and they gave up.

The Chumpster is a lot like Laverne and Shirley in that regard, no matter how over the top stupid one tries to play him, the reality manages to be worse.

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