Trump's presidential audience stuffed with actors


I’m friends with lots of movement conservatives and big name Republicans, many of whom you all know by name (and likewise don’t care for), but among them I can name several people who are – for this reason or that – sincere supporters of almost any candidate in the race, from Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum to Jeb and Fiorina. I don’t know any one of them who either supports – or can make an argument in support of – a Trump candidacy.


Here’s the dream team–>


Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale - you know, the end @Cowicide has been talking about - there is some genuine contrast.


Blue-Collar Man: Excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt, but what were you talking about?
Randal: Trump’s presidential announcement.
Dante: My friend is trying to convince me that any actors working on Trump’s campaign are innocent people just looking to pay rent.
Blue-Collar Man: Well, I’m an actor myself. It’s a hobby… (digs into pocket and produces business card) Jersey City Players. And speaking as an actor, I can say that a an actor’s personal politics come heavily into play when choosing gigs.
Randal: Like when?
Blue-Collar Man: Three months ago I was offered a job up in the hills. It was a simple job as an audience extra, but I was told that if I kept quiet about it, my price would be doubled. Then I realized who was speaking.
Dante: Whose press announcement was it?
Blue-Collar Man: Dennis Hastert.
Randal: “Denny” Hastert? Former speaker of the house??
Blue-Collar Man: The same. The money was right, but the risk was too big. I knew who he was, and based on that, I passed the job on to a friend of mine.
Dante: Based on personal politics.
Blue-Collar Man: (paying for coffee) I knew there were risks involved taking on that particular client. My friends who took the Trump job aren’t so lucky. (pauses to reflect) You know, any actor willing to work for Trump knows the risks. An actor listens to this… (taps his heart) not their wallet.


Just a noisy little four-banger.

Or is he on his fifth wife now?


Meanwhile, for real people…


So basically, our coverage of Trump is a meta-indictment of our coverage of Trump. As Neo would say, “Whoa.”

There’s a doctoral thesis in media studies in there somewhere. And I know just the barista to write it…


Strangely appropriate that the T is blocked on both shirts.


Wait, is America not the Greatest Country on Earth now? Is that what that traitor is saying?


I am going to vote for Rump. It makes America Great Again!



My first “entry” into national politics was similar. I was in a manufactured crowd for a Gary Hart ad shot in Boulder. Paid in hot dogs and the company I kept but it was a good intro to how the game is played.

(I know these aren’t exactly the same thing: ads vs. announcements, but the lines have blurred a lot in the past 30 years and I feel the jist gets through).


Glad to see that at least one politician isn’t exploiting his supporters for free labor. Perhaps these folks should unionize.


I noticed that too; what a wonderful thing if they (or the photog) planned it that way. The only possible improvement would have been to also block out the “St” from Stronger; -)


When Ms. Maddow teased at the top of her show last night that Trump announced a female running mate I was sooo hoping for Palin.

Trump/Palin16 for the lolz


Stephen Colbert announces Donald Trump’s announcement:

combforward and all.


I suspect I like to talk about him more than you like to hear about him

Yep, please stop.




I’ve always had that suspicion about Ann Coulter.