Danny Elfman scores 'Trump stalks Hillary'

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Fucking weirdo.



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I must admit I take some amusement from the reaction that this little piece of live television production artistry has inspired. They chose a camera that placed Trump in-frame, lurking in the background behind Clinton, for many shots in sequence. Subtle and evocative.


I honestly don’t think that was staged. Trump paced so much and so far I thought he was going to wander off stage or rush her.

I need to watch this vid specifically though.


I agree with that, it’s quite possibly the most awkward debate I have ever watched. Trump’s sort of pent-up energy flowing out on stage was weird and felt somehow revelatory on television, particularly for people who weren’t necessarily familiar with the candidacy, like a megaton version of Nixon’s relative discomposure in that famous Nixon-Kennedy debate (though with much less substance). I also imagined him wanting to do or say something awful, if only so many people weren’t watching.



I noticed that Clinton made an active effort to take control of the entire stage. She would walk up to people and talk to them directly. This also had the effect of her cutting into Trump’s side of the stage; he just puttered about his chair, never daring to step foot in Clinton’s territory.

I think this is why trump was so often in her shots; while she moved forward, he stayed put in the background.

Her body language and comport was pitch perfect; I expected nothin less from her.


It just looked like he was mostly sticking to his chair/podium area, as she walked and stood in front, near the audience on “his” side of the stage.

It must have been terrible for the poor man, having to listen to the sound of someone else’s voice when he would rather be doing his scat styling, riffing on the theme of “me”.


Yeah… so much to easily, and honestly, criticize Trump for yet so many feel compulsed to over-dramatize a random camera angle.

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Out of all the comments so far, no one has even mentioned Elfman’s music.

I’m not surprised; it was completely forgettable. Really – there was nothing there. I know he’s better than that.

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Sure, for fiction. But a bit outre if this was supposed to be a movie that could happen in real life. No one that unbalanced could make it to the nomination of major party, let alone level-headed conservatives.

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I’m no Trump person and this isn’t a defense of his candidacy whatsoever, but like many have pointed out, this lurking footage is a product of cinematographic trickery.

It’s a shame nobody’s said anything bad about Trump otherwise!

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