Trump's proposed transgender ban slammed by 56 retired U.S. military officers in open letter


Thanks for bringing that up. Tweets aren’t a legally binding order. I saw the ACLU mention that.


Well apparently the White House is “a real dump” so he’s just got to get away somewhere civilized.

(For values of “civilized” that include well-done steak eaten with ketchup, no i am still not over that)


“Civilized” meaning “was decorated in ‘dictator chic.’” Insufficient gold leaf = “dump.”


Nor should anybody get over this.

As someone that’s perfectly fine with ketchup on hot dogs, I can say objectively that this is simply beyond the pale.


Every single member of the armed services who does not agree with Trump’s ban should immediately declare themselves transgender. How many would thus be excluded? What impact on operational capability might that have?


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