Chiefs of U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps & Air Force say that transgender soldiers aren't a problem


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The president was just presenting alternative facts.


The opposite opinion, oh yeah, he was debating.
Missing some “mass” from what I suspect he normally does… :nauseated_face:


When you are in uniform you want competent people to your left and right. You never give a damn about their sexuality, politics, race, creed, religion, or gender identification.

In other words, when i would rather be in a company of every different type of person on the planet rather than ever serve alongside Trump.


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Somebody needs to tell the President this is not Corporal Klinger we’re discussing. They’re people serving in uniform.


I am so taken with the phrase “shitty, bigoted short bus” that I now need to work it into a conversation somehow.


I’m not sure why those running the armed forces find it so inconceivable that professional soldiers would act professionally? Isn’t that exactly what they should be demanding? Discord resulting from race wouldn’t be tolerated. Why are gender issues treated differently?


Hadn’t planned to learn something today.


There is at times discord due to race, religion, etc…and those that cause it for being intolerant assholes are the ones who find themselves dishonorable/medically discharged and can’t understand why and get angry and bitter.

Hint: it’s because you were an asshole.

Just as an fyi, those running the armed forces do expect professionalism from service members. It’s the asshole in chief who doesn’t understand this because he doesn’t know what professionalism is.


“This is a hell of a thing: four career officers at the pinnacle of their careers all going to bat for the men and women that serve under them.”

And rightly so!



Transgender not transgendered.

Just like not lesbianed, Jewed, etc.


“Me and mah girl was gonna git hitched but then she went and done got lesbianed.”


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Man, it’s almost as if our president is a total liar, and the real reason for the ban was religious bigotry, not the functioning of the armed services!


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This times several trillion.


Because it never really truly was about trans people. It’s always been about drawing attention away from other issues. And, more importantly to that piece of orange shit, punching down at people perceived to be lesser or even disposable. Also, the ‘arguments against’ trans people in the military are frighteningly reminiscent of those used to try to prevent women from taking on front-line roles 20, maybe 30 years ago.


The Chief of the Coast Guard’s reply to the proposed transgender ban was to tell Trump to go fuck himself


Excuse me, we use “Jewed” all the time in my household.

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