Trump's shutdown will close Smithsonian Museums, National Zoo, and more

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It will also shut down the nice federal employees doing Nexus program interviews. How do I know? I got a call last night from the Nexus boarder patrol people telling me they were working without pay, and that all Nexus program interviews are not happening until after the shutdown.

Having been an ex-DoD worker I empathize, but damn. I paid for the program, because it’s way better than TSA PreCheck, and waited ages for an interview. I will literally not have it despite starting this six months ago.


Maybe the National Zoo in Washington, DC could rehouse all of their charges in to the White House for safe keeping?


You know who goes to those places? DEMOCRATS! Serves 'em right.


Wait, are you implying the President has done something to make Sexual Harassment Panda sad?!


Shutting down the Smithsonian is a bonus for him, because…


well tiny bit more serious than even that is it shutsdown the coast guard

however white-house tours will continue and hey the Senate voted to fund their gym so they can go “workout” (seriously)

and somehow they are blaming the Democrats already for not compromising halfway? wtf? republicans have had full control past two years

btw the final wall package is actually $28 Billion, the $5B is a downpayment for the first miles, it’s a wedge, which is why it can never happen, not even halfway

this distraction is never going away, Mueller is about to light a fire

ps. Senate is about to remove the 30-hour discussion rule for appointing judges, they are about to slam every single seat with conservative judges on every federal level, they purposely held the seats vacant during Obama, this country will never be the same


meanwhile trump goes vacationing in Iraq-- at a cost of how many millions of dollars?


I had to call the Federal Marketplace for a client yesterday, and the call center was up and running. Thank goodness.

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Let’s be fair - it wasn’t a vacation - it was a campaign event. (And distraction from the fact that he’s pissed off the military and from the bone spurs story coming out…)


that’s okay. people also blame obama for the shrub’s financial collapse, and credit trump with the recovery which started long before he entered office.

so it goes, round and round.

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When a child throws a tantrum and never faces consequences of course that child will continue to have his petty fits. Since there are no parents in the room its hard to imagine self discipline will save us. This particular child needs a very long time in a time-out room and some very firm consequences for such pathetic behavior.
I fear too many of us are hoping that Mueller has our magic bullet. It’s like a “wait till your father gets home” threat when father isn’t gonna do anything. We need to be looking for other solutions as soon as possible.


That’s already a zoo.


Which means the animals will feel right at home there.

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