Try to watch: Pakistani boy enjoys turning his head 180 degrees


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That is getting unsettling deep into “even if your ligaments and/or muscles will let you; your nervous system might (much needed edit: Not) be so elastic or forgiving” territory.








I’m no medical doctor, but it seems like that would be bad for the spine.


no exorcism needed.



The human head cannot turn 360 degrees.

So educational.


nope nope nope


nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope


The first thing that came to mind upon viewing this was “Internal decapitation.”

The second was “Yeah, that’s not creepy.”


Sure it can. Once.


Gotta say, he turns his head morethan 180 degrees (shoulder to shoulder). It looks to me that he turns at leas 270 degrees, perhaps more.


Eh, the effect is somewhat diminished by his need to use his hands to get it into place. Somewhat.


we have another specimen for turning on a coin


I’d say about 160 degrees, each way.

Fuck that shit


You’re missing a “not” in that phrase, fuzzy.


Fuzzy could give a shit about missing “nots”.


Well played, good sir. Well played.


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