TSA + CBP test new facial recognition tech & computed tomography scanners at LAX

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/31/tsa-cbp-test-new-facial-reco.html

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They supposedly caught someone at DCA using the facial system. One person out of millions. What the odds that it actually works?


Doesn’t a medical CAT scan cost like $10,000? And they’re scanning every suitcase?

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No. CT scans are pretty cheap, and it’s not the scan itself that’s expensive, it’s the radiologist’s analysis.

Maybe you are thinking of MRIs? Still only a couple thousand, but pretty pricey.


You’re probably right.

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The technology, according to Customs officials, helps quickly identify foreign travelers who may be wanted for crimes, visa violations or attempting to use phony passports.

Still, why isn’t it also being used to catch US nationals trying to flee the country? :thinking:

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So, affordable CAT scans for US citizens without health insurance, yes?


Under the program, cameras snap photos of travelers as they prepare to be screened for international flights out of LAX. The photos are optional now but may be mandatory for foreign nationals if the technology is retained after the test.

So we’ll test it on foreign nationals who are leaving the U.S., which provides no real security and is the only group that has no basis for making a privacy complaint in a U.S. court. Once the test is deemed successful (which will happen regardless of the actual results), we’ll roll it out to all the domestic flights.
Complaints of privacy invasion by U.S. citizens will be overruled because the program has been deemed a useful way to keep the nation secure. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. government will have a biometric database of most citizens and residents.


Maybe because of the pesky constitutional right to travel? I wouldn’t get all up in arms that citizens don’t get the full panopticon treatment

Wait… fecal recognition software?
That’s a little intrusive, isn’t it?

I would hate to be the person(s) that get a false positive. It would be sort of like DWB except that DWB can get you killed.

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