TSA doubles fine for air travelers who refuse to mask up

Just ban them from flying. Permanently. If they need to get overseas they can take a boat. So sick of these slaps on the wrist for what are more and more obviously domestic terrorists using their own bodies as biological weapons.


Canada has higher fines. Transport Canada guidelines don’t have a minimum listed that I could find, but all the public information, announcements on planes and posters in airports say that “Refusal to comply with the wearing of a face mask could result in a fine of $5,000 for the traveller.”


I’m thinking this is just for non-compliance with the mask and generally being a jackass. According to this site, “Assaulting a crewmember is punishable by up to 20 years’ imprisonment, and a fine of up to $250,000. If a dangerous weapon is used, the defendant can be imprisoned for life.”



I’ve (pastey) been on that list.


The fines may not do much. It’s the Airlines’ own passenger black list that has a real effect if they get on it for unruly behavior.


Well, no. The no-fly list has this problem that it the courts should have ripped it from the fabric of existence as soon as it was first used for being a secret registry of people forbidden to participate in some aspect of society without actually being convicted of anything.

(Now if you wanted to sentence someone, after being convicted of gross misbehavior, to no air travel for a couple years, that might be a different matter.)


Agreed. Isn’t the fine for smoking or tampering with a smoke alarm up around $20k? And, though it’s gross and stinky, the second hand smoke is probably less likely to kill someone after the one-flight exposure compared to COVID…barring a smoke allergy…
Ugh, so glad I haven’t had to fly during this whole shit show. My empathy is with those of you who have had to.


Yeah, exactly - they’re committed to being assholes, this isn’t going to phase them.


Setting fires on a plane and disabling safety equipment is more likely to cause harm to every passenger all at once.

I agree that mask fines should be higher, but tampering with fire safety equipment is massively serious.

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The airlines should ban these fools for a long time, say 5 years. That will add insult to injury as the idiots are slowly forced to use crappier and crappier airlines (Frontier) until the only thing left is driving


This is easily explained:

The TSA, DHS, and security theatre were sensibly and properly created by a GOP Administration and, at that time, we all banded together against the imminent threat of foreign, anti-christian, Muslim PoC.

This current fascist dress code was imposed by Democrat-secular-humanist-satanists who seize on the fake opportunity of a common flu virus to incrementally “control” us, furthering us toward their final goal of a one-world-government communist state.

(This isn’t even really much of a caricature/exaggeration.)


If you can find out the name of the jackass, maybe a civil suit could take care of that.


“So suddenly I need to ‘show you papers’ and ‘not be fully nude’ to board an international flight? What freedoms will they take from us next?!”



I mean… I know. My 10 years in grad school I did manage to pick up at least one or two facts about American history…

My point is that they believe they are fighting for freedom and against tyranny, which is patently not the case. There is a long history of white people who are not fighting any sort of actual oppression wrongly comparing themselves to Rosa Parks or Dr. King…

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i could give you the name, address, any other corelatable information on any number of these terrorists. Doubt anyone would care or use the info.

Key point here- this sort of thing really tips the hand of the GOP base. It’s not about the Constitution or freedom, because you can make a pretty darned strong case that nothing that happens at airports before boarding is constitutional. That GOPers will always choose security theater over actual liberty means what they are really about is authoritarianism. They have divided the world into Good and Bad people and want Bad people to be punished. That’s it. That’s the world view.