Delta adds 460 anti-maskers to no-fly list

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Good for them.

Not that I ever plan to fly again.


Flying right now is a stupid risk. Flying without a mask right now is just unforgivable.


This. What sucks is that the support employees such as attendants, baggage workers, etc aren’t given the proper respect and wage bumps that they should be given.

If you have to fly (and there are valid familial and employment related needs) then wear a mask, wash your hands and eat/drink before and after you board if it’s a domestic flight. I used to love public transport to work and downtown, but now I’m WFH and the city’s shuttered so no more bus/train for a while. But when I see people heading to work at the grocery store, drug store, medical facility, etc on the bus I really hope they stay safe.


Maybe not the best business decision? Those are probably the only people who are buying tickets these days.

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i too feel that flying is just to risky these days, but there was a great piece on NPR last week or so with an epidemiologist explaining that it’s actually pretty safe, provided you keep a few things in mind and also adhere to all the usual things (washing hands, sanitizer, not touching your face, wearing a mask, etc.). he stressed that IF the airline is seating people every other seat so there’s some distancing, and as long as you wear your mask and don’t talk too loudly (or at all), and wash your hands as soon as you leave the plane, you should be fine. the internal air systems are HEPA grade, and they filter and recycle air every 6 minutes or so. i think it’s good to know in case i HAD to fly somewhere, but i also don’t mind just not flying anywhere for awhile.


I’ve flown four times so far in this pandemic (all for valid reasons) and I have actually felt remarkably safe during the whole experience. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have a rabid anti masker on board, though.


Agreed. I’ve only flown once (round-trip) but my bigger concerns were in the airpots where, for example, some idiot thought he had to stand right next to me and yell into his cell phone with his mask down so he could be better understood.


Yeah, when I say 4 times, I mean two round trips but that’s 8 individual flights all in all.

i have a friend who has to fly every two weeks for her job, and she’s been doing this since March. she’s always been SUPER careful anyway, since she doesn’t want to get sick even under normal circumstances. but so far she’s been fine. she gets tested every time before she leaves and after she gets back.


I can’t imagine the stress involved.


Thankfully the safety of the other 99.9% of passengers is more important. Some people you don’t want as customers (like those that refuse to follow flight attendants instructions, as required by law), regardless of their ability to pay.


Pretty sure all the majors other than Southwest have gone back to non-spaced seating at this point(?), and I think Southwest announced last week that they would be dropping the spacing requirement shortly. Apparently the major carriers took the recent CDC announcement (which, as I recall, was parroting research from a group paid- for by the airline industry (?) ) about how air-travel is safe and decided to turn the stupid up to 11. I hope I’m wrong about all of this, but I fear I’m not.


Doesn’t TSA still have more money than god? How are these ppl not being greeted by agents the gate? It’s up to every airline to have to do this on their own?


Yes, you’d think this would be part of the comprehensive Federal plan to control COVID.

Oh, wait …

FWIW, my son is a flight attendant. Early in the pandemic, he said that he learned in training – long before COVID was an issue – that airplane air is essentially “new” air every few minutes, and that you’re probably at greater risk getting the virus in a poorly ventilated office or restaurant (or a White House get-together) than you were in an airplane. I heard that NPR report too the other day, and it seems to bear it out. Planes have apparently not led to “spreader” events.

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