TSA proud of confiscating non-dangerous items

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2008/07/30/tsa-proud-of-confisc.html

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Here’s my improvised “looks like a bomb” device.


I feel safer already.

Can anyone tell what sort of cells those are? The picture here is small and team TSA has(no doubt for unrelated techncial reasons) removed their self congratulation page.

If those are 16850s then(barring all but the ghastliest liars about capacity) a 28 cell pack likely exceeds IATA and FAA allowed sizes for carry-on battery packs(sub 100wh largely unrestricted, 100-160 in very limited quantity with operator notification and approval).

Of course, if that had been the problem them the TSA should have recognized it easily enough and given that reason.

If those are nicads or NiMH; then they are much less of a concern; both less energy dense and more tolerant of abuse.

@orenwolf, looks like old articles are coming back to haunt us again.