TTIP negotiation documents leaked

Greenpeace Netherlands “organised” parts of the TTIP documents, the EU/US counterpart of the TPP.

For me the highlights are:

  • The US is not willing to accept the European precautionary principle
  • The US is not willing to change the investor-state dispute settlement to a more transparent process

Infos and download link is on

I’m sure that the leak includes many more Ugly Things, and for sure stuff that is seen as bad from a US POV as the EU side tries to change the game.


Wall Street is willing to reward Germany for grinding Greece into the third world. It’s not really a new thing, we’ve been at it for at least a century.

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I don’t think it makes sense for the US to kill Greece, as it would be great for the US economy if the EU would work as a huge free-trade area without a political system and agenda. This is much easier to accomplish if the EU absorbs more and more countries - and US think tanks are quite happy to recommend new members like Turkey, Ukraine, the rest of the Balkan states and more East European countries up to and including Georgia.

Not for destroying Greece, but one of the points in the papers is something like “EU opens the agricultural market, the US lowers tariffs for motor vehicles”. The biggest beneficiary would be Germany.


The politicians on both sides of the pond are in the “Just Trust Us” mode.

I very much like this one*:

We look forward to having a fact-based discussion about what TTIP seeks and does not seek to achieve.

Since the beginning of the negotiations one of loudest criticism was the intransparency. And now, a few months before the treaty should be finalized, we are generously invited to discuss it, but only fact-based.

Dafuq, we HAD no facts except leaks; the official announcements were mostly emtpy words.

* by a US spokesperson, sorry for the shady source - didn’t find a better English one

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Still no real BB article? Hey @doctorow, isn’t this a topic you’re interested in?

But anyway, I think it’s not possible to implement TTIP within Obama’s term - too many open issues.

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