Tuesday Tunes: Planxty — Little Musgrave

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ok Seamus, you would be able to answer this…how does one properly pronounce Planxty ?

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I just love, love, love Planxty. When Liam comes in on the pipes, I don’t think there’s ever been a time my eyes didn’t water a bit.


An incredibly old song, dating back at least four hundred years… I do prefer the “Matty Groves” interpretation by Fairport Convention, though, which pre-dates Planxty’s by a decade or so.

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Beat me to it!


one of my favorite albums (which I’ve owned on LP and CD) is Planxty’s “The Woman I Loved So Well”, which had this, their cover of Norman Blake’s “Billy Gray” and “Johnny o’Bradey’s Lea”.

There’s a Benjamin Britten version, written in 1943 for the prisoners in Oflag VIIb camp, with piano part that avoided the dud notes on the camp piano. I remember singing that in the first choir I was in outside school. I have never forgotten the tension in “he lifted…up…the…coverlet, he lifted up…the…sheet…”

Strangely enough I heard a radio show ages ago where the dj said it should really be pronounced “Plan - thinn” because Gaelic or something? but i’ve never heard anything like that since. It just seemed too “easy” that it’s pronounced the way it looks, but I guess that’s the case.

I can put that corner of my mind to rest now.

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