Tulsi Gabbard equates affirmative action to Nazism

Originally published at: Tulsi Gabbard equates affirmative action to Nazism | Boing Boing

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I think she’s been hearing voices. Yes, and what they’re all saying to her is, All aboard the White Victimhood Gravy Train!


Typical white supremacist POC. Someone who undoubtedly benefitted from affirmative action but decries it for everyone else. “I’ve got mine, F-U!”

Oh sure, Hitler was famous for putting women, minorities, LGBT+ etc in top administration roles.
One of the basic tenents of fascism, really. He actually out-woked Mussolini in this.


While I agree that it is problematic, I don’t it is fair to equate a mediocre white male engineer being set for life because he works for a military contractor that receives an endless flow of government money for creating weapon systems that will likely (and, let’s all agree preferably) never be used with Nazis.

I mean, really…

Muffled sounds of another voice

What? No, of course, I did not read the article. Who has the time?

Muffled sounds of another voice

No, no, not even the main post, but what else could she *possibly" be talking about?

Muffled sounds of another voice

Really?!?..but…but…that’s absurd!

Fuck you Gabbard. Quit twisting MLK’s words. Affirmative action isn’t the racist, eugenecist bullshit; you are

Also, race is not fucking genetics. It is not based on blood or genes, you nazi-enabling ghoul.


They always go there, yet they never seem to notice the right-wingers wearing armbands and screaming about how “Hitler was right.”


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