Tumblers that trace whiskey's noble lineage


It’s a little disheartening that the taxonomies are based on which gigantic multinational owns each brand now. There’s a reason whiskey labels tend to be all rustic-looking and shit.

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Nice Photoshop Fail on the mock-up of the bourbon glass.

Tennessee whiskey is not Bourbon, and so may need its own glass

Was going to say the same thing as Mariachi. I despise Diageo (see their bully-boy tactics against indie brands like the awesome BrewDog in Scotland) and boycott their drinks, which is a shame as I love some of them. When I saw the link to these I wanted them straight away (single malts ftw) but it would depress me too much.

I love the enthusiasm for scotch, bourbon, whisky, and whiskey. They are wonderful adult beverages.

As a non-practicing boot legger and hobbiest distiller, the arbitrary distinctions always crack me up *. And while I support the sentiment for nerdy glasses for distilled grain beverages–and face it, we can get pretty nerdy–nothing beats a wide clear brandy snifter.

–as an aside–
i have been seeing more articles in the realm of ‘peak distilleries’, and i think they are embarrassing. for better or worse distilling has the same sort of clientele that perfume has, only they are generally men who like drink. but the nose and character of a pot stilled grain drink can be as complex or more than your most desirable perfumes.

the scotts make wonderful spirits, the north americans make wonderful spirits, the canadians, the japanese, the irish, etc.

Now someone needs to set up a Tumblr for these tumblers.

Those tumblers might be OK for Seagrams Black & White (shudder), but you can’t really nose the whisky properly with 'em.

[ Richard Patterson - The Glencairn Glass ][1]

. [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noloXYOk_2s

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