Turn a sweater into swants




Yet another answer to a question no one asked…


This is going to take the seasonal ugly sweater competition to a whole new level, entirely unwelcome.


No. Don’t do this. No one do this.

Can we agree? That we’re not going to do this?


The more negative responses I see, the more I want to do this. Keep them coming.


Ah yes, strategically placed jingle bells…


But… what if you want to cosplay as a cosby sweater?


Looks more like long swunderswear to me.


Can’t decide which is worse. People being able to see through your vaguely transparent Lululemon lycra, or people being able to see through the holes in your swants.

Also, I think this demands a male equivalent of the term “sweater puppies”.


I’ve never seen so many crotch shots in a sewing tutorial.


Only if we all promise not to turn our shorts into mini-dresses.




Better than that dead human skin pants thingie that they were offering up a week or two back. Go for it. While you’re at it, make slippers out of mittens or hats and hats out of slippers.


1 pair of swants
1 matching dickie


I don’t know what to think.


That’s an appropriate response.


That is the sort of slippery slope that the Religious “right” is always warning us about! I say that we ban swants now! Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?!


Please tell me that was on a drunken dare. Otherwise…


This quote from the comment thread on the tutorial page sums it up nicely:

“And so the Hipster sheds its summer pelt and grows a glorious winter plumage.”

Spoken in the warm, dulcet tones of David Attenborough, of course.


Yeah, Smarmy Yoga Man is smarmy…doesn’t need any more help on the Masters & Johnson Creeper metric