Turn Down for Spock, Star Trek Stabilized


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having the actors simulate delirium tremens

Well, at least you didn’t say “epilepsy,” I guess that’s something.


Aww man, most of these are subtle. I wanted more of the 7.5 Richter kind!

Out of interest, how would the (mostly rigid) room shaking be different to the camera shaking in terms of what is seen on the screen?

I do now understand why Riker holds onto the seat though :smile:

The rocks are alive!

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I always wondered why, when shock-mounts for sensitive systems were more or less standard in all our cold war apocalypse bunkers, specifically to avoid interference with their function caused by shockwaves from the global thermonuclear war, a military spacecraft from a future apparently causes traumatic brain injuries in its command crew every time somebody spits at it…


These would be the same spaceships that can accelerate (and presumably decelerate) at incredible Gs without pureeing their occupants, right?

It’s like one moment they’re on an aircraft carrier, the next a lifeboat… more science in popular ‘science’ fiction would be grand.


I’m surprised that all of the crew members, either by agreement or by script, don’t all pitch in the same direction for at least the first ‘shake’. Ok, I know that actors aren’t known for the theoretical grasp of physics, but still…

/still can’t get over Picard issuing the order to ‘flood the nacelles with ionized deuterium’ from ST:TNG. Filling the nacelles with bound-up pairs of protons and neutrons will fix any problem? Really?


Presumably, if you have artificial gravity technology(and you do, if you are planning on walking around normally on something with practically no mass at all by planetary standards), compensating for acceleration and deceleration is not an issue.

Now, given that they apparently must already have such an acceleration damping system, it’s less than entirely clear why nobody has bothered to have it activate on the occasion of unpleasant shocks…

Perhaps, though never explicitly revealed to the audience, star trek was actually scripted as a fictionalized documentary, and the crew/produccers turned off the dampeners just to show the audience how tough they were, and everything they went through to exploring the universe…


Reverse the polarity!

I occasionally used to come across an ex-Doctor in the course of my work, and he told me the hardest, and most fun, part of the post-Doctor stage of his career was having fans at conventions ask e.g. “In Episode 5 of ‘Revenge of Damnation’, why didn’t you simply entubulate the psionic thurbers when you were under attack, the way you did in Episode 3 of ‘Entropy of Groth’?” He said, it’s all too tempting to reply “Because I’m an ACTor, darling, I say the words they write down for me” - instead he’d have to do some improvised and persuasive retconning.

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If we were to be generous, we might surmise that the AG system requires one to know ahead of time the direction and magnitude of the Gs to be countered or generated…

What’s the bet this simple bit of hard SF - style handwaving was never included…?

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Funny, it’s hard to think of another series where the actor couldn’t just be out of character like that without shitting all over people’s Precious… :wink:

It’s not just another acting gig; it’s a Mantle; it’s for life.

I don’t have sufficient canon knowledge to know for sure; but if it was included, it was almost certainly handwaving… (unless you positively lard the AG system with limitations, high energy use, very slow startup, imprecision, risk of reverse flux ionization, etc. we know that it has to be capable of generating massive g-forces in order to compensate for very high speed travel, and we, today, right now, have highly accurate and sensitive strain gauges, piezoresistors, fiber optic sensors, etc. Just run some fiber through the Enterprise’s hull, detect the deformations while they are still travelling through the outer structural and armor components, also handy for knowing when service is needed, and then it’s just control theory to have the AG system generate suitable compensation for the deformations when they enter the crew area.)


The spaceshipquakes could be rated in Riker Scale.


Neutrons have polarities?

Some sort of fusion reaction? Note the presence of deuterium.

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By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, my favourite sci-fi film!

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