Turns out it's super-easy to commandeer wireless towers

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Keep in mind that this doesn’t change the ownership of the property in question, it just changes who the FCC goes to when there are problems with the radio signals being emitted by the property.

Because of that, it’s not clear what the fellow in WI hoped to gain by doing this. It’s not like he could have tried to sell the towers based on these altered records. All that is likely to happen is that the records get switched back to their original state, this fellow gets a stiff fine and possibly banned from holding any FCC license for life. Not much upside here.


“Hey, guy over there, wanna buy a bridge wireless tower? Yeah look I totally own it, see the FCC says so!”

“Hey, IRS, loan officer, or whoever, I’m totally a legitimate wireless company, see look at all my towers?”

I mean, not going to hold up to any scrutiny, but still.

I was kind of wondering about that. Wouldn’t the (painfully outdated) Recorder of Deeds be involved in the pwnership of real estate? I know, it’s not the internet, but quaint local laws still seem to apply, for some reason.

Exactly. This database keeps track of where radios are, what frequency they operate at, and who to yell at if they start doing something bad.

The realestate aspect is handled by the local government just like any other property ownership.

The vulnerability is in whether the FCC will start a license action against the original tenant for operating from someone else’s site without authorization.

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