Turns out the 15-year-old girl Britain stripped citizenship from for becoming an Isis bride was trafficked to Syria by a Canadian spy

Originally published at: Turns out the 15-year-old girl Britain stripped citizenship from for becoming an Isis bride was trafficked to Syria by a Canadian spy | Boing Boing


The Rupert Times might want to blame Trudeau, but the guy was a Harper-appointee.


Worth a read for more detail…


Even assuming complete amorality… do the people who make these decisions have any idea how opinions and perceptions of them actually work, in the long run? That Canada could have said “Look at this dastardly plot! Britain, let’s work together to get her back and catch that spy and make sure this never happens again!”? It’s not like anyone who actually thinks about these kinds of things doesn’t already assume that there are spies from all over, anywhere they would want to be, and try to plan accordingly, do they?

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I dealt with Saccomani and the security team during a building dedication that Harper was involved in. I would not class Saccomani as excessively competent. He didn’t do his advance research and basically depended on me for the security assessment and evac planning.


That ‘spy’ was (according to my understanding) a Canadian intelligence source (not their employee/‘spy’) so they didn’t want to catch him!

Mohammed al-Rashed was picked up by the Turkish authorities in March 2015, and said at the time he was an informant for Canadian intelligence

(Extracted from the Guardian story I linked to above.)

And the linked text in the extract above goes to…


The actual facts of the case make it even more despicable.

But ‘stripping citizenship’ is the kind of glorified cruelty for the purpose of cruelty that exists so people can polish their tough-on-crime credentials. There’s no excuse for it even if someone did wake up and voluntarily go to join ISIS.

(Letting people renounce citizenship is another matter entirely.)


This part is especially horrifying. I’m shocked that a politician in the UK can even do that? That shouldn’t be legal at all. Send someone to prison for life if you want to remove them from the system for society’s safety. But stripping citizenship? I can’t fathom a crime that warrants that.

(And it goes without saying that nothing a 15yo child does could rise to the level of such punishment in any case)

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International law allows countries to strip people of citizenship but not to make them stateless. The law in the UK is that citizenship to be removed even if they are not citizens of another country as long as they qualify for nationality of another country which is extremely dodgy. Australia has a similar law.

Even worse in this case as I recall, they striped her UK Citizenship on the basis that she qualified for Bangadeshi citzenship, despite haven’t never been there and Bangladesh themselves saying she probably didn’t qualify for citizenship. so yes, the UK government did make her stateless.

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