Twin baby girls dancing to 'Eastenders' theme, with the biggest smiles ever


Probably 6 months or older, at 3 months they are still learning to roll over.


Wow, that is weapons-grade adorable there :smiley:


I was going to say. It actually says on the video that they’re 8 months old.

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Well, as long as it isn’t the theme to The Archers I won’t freak out (why Beeb is it always on (WHY?!))

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Written by Ben Goldacre.

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What makes it even worse is it’s a maypole dance tune. I’m afraid I share Havelock Vetinari’s views (and those of his creator) on folk music. But the Archers at least used to come with a mental health warning: “An everyday story of country folk.”

From her voice, that woman sounds so full of love and happiness. What an amazing thing.

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The BBC are always playing it in preparation for its introduction as the new national anthem:


Self evident question, is there anything Billy can’t improve?

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I have an old audio tape of one of Craig Ferguson’s standup routines, which, unfortunately, I can’t find online. I love his impersonation of every Eastenders episode: “Blinky blimey blokey. The price of milk’s gone up again. By the way don’t take drugs!” He then started singing the theme music.

That’s now my second-favorite reference to Eastenders.

Superannuation adverts.

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