Twin baby girls dancing to 'Eastenders' theme, with the biggest smiles ever




Probably 6 months or older, at 3 months they are still learning to roll over.


Wow, that is weapons-grade adorable there :smiley:


I was going to say. It actually says on the video that they’re 8 months old.


Well, as long as it isn’t the theme to The Archers I won’t freak out (why Beeb is it always on (WHY?!))


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Written by Ben Goldacre.


What makes it even worse is it’s a maypole dance tune. I’m afraid I share Havelock Vetinari’s views (and those of his creator) on folk music. But the Archers at least used to come with a mental health warning: “An everyday story of country folk.”


From her voice, that woman sounds so full of love and happiness. What an amazing thing.


The BBC are always playing it in preparation for its introduction as the new national anthem:


Self evident question, is there anything Billy can’t improve?


I have an old audio tape of one of Craig Ferguson’s standup routines, which, unfortunately, I can’t find online. I love his impersonation of every Eastenders episode: “Blinky blimey blokey. The price of milk’s gone up again. By the way don’t take drugs!” He then started singing the theme music.

That’s now my second-favorite reference to Eastenders.


Superannuation adverts.


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