Remote tribes react to polar bears, traditional English folk dance, and nursing homes


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White Man: Check out the glaciers and cute polar bears. Really, see it while you can. We, ah, kinda screwed the pooch.


Everything is exotic to somebody.


This is also my first time seeing Morris dancing.


I’ve lived in England all my life but have never seen Polar Bears doing a Morris dance in a nursing home. Believe me, I would tell EVERYONE if I had.


it’s universal. We all should be doing something besides watching TV.


I hadn’t heard of Morris dancing all my life until a couple weeks ago. Not a 2nd reference. today Odd how that works.


And what was your response to it?


Neddy Seagoon tried this in an episode of the Goon Show, as I recall.


Were you never a Pratchett reader? The stick-and-bucket dance…


I would love to watch those programs with the people in the video… We all share so much in common. The two young guys especially were fun… WOW! and doing an air guitar and all the smiles. How refreshing to see happy people!



They’re watching (and being filmed for) TV, so this is a fairly specialised sense of the word “remote”.

Still, there’s something brain-flipping about how the Ethiopian family look to me just like a normal family that I might have dinner with, except they don’t wear clothes, and aren’t aware of ice.


Nope. I need to read more actual books. I have seen dances like that, just didn’t know what they were called.


If you want to get into Pratchett, Small Gods is probably the best starting point.

Most of his books are connected miniseries contained within the larger Discworld canon (e.g. Equal Rites/Wyrd Sisters/Witches Abroad/Lords and Ladies/Maskerade/Carpe Jugulum).

Small Gods is one of the few standalone novels, and it’s from mid-career when his writing was at its peak.


Doesn’t Morris Dancing violate the Prime Directive?


Yeah, I wonder where all the Australian megafauna is. Or the the American, for that matter. Totally coincidental that they vanished when humans arrived.


Never heard of Morris dancing before too., but when I saw it I was emmediatly thinking of the stick-and-bucket-dance.
Such is the power of Pratchett…


Yeah and look at those bulldozers destroying other tribes’ living space in Amazonas…


My grandma in a nutshell, bless her soul.


Yup, my recommendation would be either Small Gods or Bad Good Omens.

@Mister44, I really think you’d get a kick out of Pratchett, and I’m not just saying that because I think everyone would get a kick out of Pratchett.