Twitter bans "fake" Amazon workers praising company

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“Rick is now James”



The inevitable reply when it’s revealed that some weird PR/Crisis Management firm paid by Amazon through two or three layers of subcontractors was responsible:

“The campaign run by FakeTweets Inc. was not authorized by Amazon in any way. FakeTweets was never employed directly by Amazon, and Amazon does not endorse their message or their methods. Our employees are free to vote their conscience without interference, and Amazon vehemently denies any role in any mis- or disinformation campaign and categorically does not employ bots or fake accounts for any reason.”

All of this is lies, of course, but I’m willing to put $10 on something close to this being the outcome.

Option 2 is that it’s some mid-level middle manager, probably AT that particular warehouse, and if it’s traced back to him (and it would DEFINITELY be a “him”), they’ll have a handy scapegoat. But this feels more like collective malfeasance, rather than individual.




Amazon’s anti-union campaign has been astonishingly badly-run, with tone-deaf attacks on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among the tweets that sent PR professionals cringing.

The odd thing is, Amazon can afford better than the lazy hacks who came up with the Twitter campaign. Either Amazon cheaped out or, more likely, the bunglers they hired knew that Amazon wouldn’t be able to claw back the fees on a performance basis.


BBS, any minute now:


My favorite strategy for corporate bots is to ask if they are real employees and include a statement to the effect that you are considering investing and the answer is material to that decision. It may never bring the wrath of the SEC, but it is worth it to try.


Are they fake accounts or “Fake” accounts and what is the difference? The BBC does not know.

Well they can also afford to not exploit their workers.

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