Twitter kills 32,242 propaganda accounts, Russia, China, Turkey 'state-linked information operations'

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Russia-linked accounts supported Kremlin infowar campaigns, China bots spread ‘deceptive’ claims about COVID and Hong Kong politics


Only 152.000 more to go.


What will arrive here first, the denial-bots or the useful-idiot whataboutists?


On other sites, the past two weeks have set them into overdrive. They’re not even pretending that they’re copy and pasting anymore. I’ve seen multiple accounts parroting the exact same non-sequitur one after the other.


:thinking: They missed one …


Social Media Grants are approved up to $250.

Social Media Grants are provided for online Israel Advocacy social media initiatives that yield positive views of Israel. Examples of social media initiatives include: Promoting posts, your brand, and website on Facebook. Have contests on Facebook and send a Facebook giftcards. Hire a social media intern.

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How many followed Trump?

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Exactly! The volume of garbage happening is simply overwhelming, their bs defense strategy was mapped anyway in the first 30 days.


And who is this ASPI, twitter’s partner in uncovering these “state-linked information operations”?

in the Australian Senate, Labor’s Kim Carr rose to his feet, thundering about “hawks intent on fighting a new cold war”. In his sights was the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which he said was taking nearly $450,000 from the US State Department (ASPI says the true figure is less than half that amount) to track Chinese research collaborations with Australian universities, “vilifying and denigrating” Australian researchers and their work.

The Howard government seeded the funding, provided through the Department of Defence.
This is the mainstay of ASPI’s budget, and will remain so until at least 2022-23, when the current $4 million anuual funding agreement expires.

ASPI’s annual reports list alternate funding sources. Sponsors from its most recent can be divided into three buckets.
The first is filled with defence contractors such as Lockheed Martin, BAE, Northrop Grumman, Thales and Raytheon. The second, technology companies like Microsoft, Oracle Australia, Telstra, and Google. And lastly, there are the contributions from foreign governments, many being strategic competitors to China, including the Embassy of Japan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (that is, Taiwan).

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Has Trump chimed in to complain that his followers have been unfairly targeted for removal yet as he did last time they took down a big batch of bot accounts in 2018?


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