Russian and Chinese state propaganda "unchecked" on Twitter

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Of course he welcomes Russian and Chinese propaganda. It’s not woke.


Unchecked? He hasn’t “verified” them yet? :drum:


They may be unchecked, but they’re definitely blue-checked.


Hundreds of Russian and Chinese state propaganda accounts are thriving on Twitter after Elon Musk wiped out the team that fought these networks, the BBC has found.

I think it was more like thousands, even before Musk took over.

In March 2022, when Russia blocked Twitter access, and apparently their own trolley farms, the silence for a couple days was amazing.

It’d be tempting to write a tool that checks for that hole in a user’s timeline, but, oops, no Twitter API.


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The BBC was so desperate to get a scoop that it failed to do basic research into the subject of the interview. It should have been easy enough for the interviewer to produce evidence of the abuse he and his colleagues receive on Twitter - and he couldn’t.

They could have said - we can be there in three or four hours and done some background work. If Musk backed out, nothing lost.


The interviewer didn’t do enough research, but you can’t say that about BBC News as a whole.


That’s true, they’ve got their own correspondent for online misinformation and abuse, Marianna Spring, who has been doing some outstanding journalism of late - and receiving a torrent of appalling abuse from the Musk fan club.

She’s a regular on the BBC’s excellent ‘Americast’ podcast where she is running a long term experiment to see how social media profiles are driven to extreme content by the algorithms and the effects of filter bubbles on users.

Marianna is an absolute star.


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