Twitter Megablocking: site lets you block the tweeter and everyone who liked their terrible tweet

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At some point, maybe people should just stop using Twitter entirely.


The problem with this tool is that many people use “likes” as a way of bookmarking tweets, not because they actually like something… Although Twitter now has a bookmark feature, some third party services (like IFTTT) can only see which tweets you’ve liked, not which ones you’ve bookmarked, so bookmarks don’t work as well if you want to use them with something like


Great. Now that Trump is already blocked from Twitter they build a way to easily block ALL Maganuts. I suppose it would work with Tucker Carlson fans, though.

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I laugh at the Twitter Megablocking. I use the Super Mega Powerful blocking of never using it in the first place, what cess pool twitter is. Try it free of charge.


Twitter in its current iteration is complete garbage. I got into it primarily as a way of communciation about one specific hobby and for years it was great for that. There was a community of people who interacted about that hobby and some adjacent activities. I made some good friends there and loved using it.

Then around 2013 or 2014, they changed something and it started to push more and more political content into my feed. Not sure if it was the culture shifting or if their algorithms were modified to improve ‘engagement’ or both, but the friendly chat feel of the platform changed and it seemed to become more about generating and responding to outrage.

Now I get on there to see what’s up and it seems like a bunch of people just screaming talking points past eachother. I guess that rage-scrolling and hate-posting does improve engagement metrics , but it sure doesn’t make for a nice platform. Now that I’m out as a member of a group commonly targeted for harassment, there’s no fucking way I’m engaging on that platform ever again.

Twitter is dead to me, and I’m fine with that.


My solution to Twitter was forgetting my password. I only used it to bitch about rush hour traffic anyway.

I must have house-trained my Twitter feed somehow, because, except for “promoted” tweets (ads), I only see tweets posted or retweeted by people I follow.


A large part of it in my case may be that people I followed started retweeting and interacting with the toxic stuff. The hobby in question is amateur radio, and a lot of (particularly American) ham radio operators are deep into the MAGA and conspiracy stuff. Hard to interact positively with people who don’t think you deserve to live because of who you are.


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