Twitter removes wallpaper images from profiles

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I’d be curious to know what they were thinking on this one. I could imagine never giving people control over background images, either because I didn’t want to deal with complaints, wanted to reduce the size of page loads, or simply didn’t trust the aesthetic sensibilities that made Myspace such a joy; but pulling them once you have them seems like it is just asking for trouble.

Anyone have an idea bout what might have kicked this off? Some specific incident? A desire to try to emulate Facebook’s success with their reputation for ‘clean design’ during the campaign against Myspace? Some new UI ‘guru’ looking to make his mark?


They probably just want a nice, clean canvas for advertising, coming in 3…2…1…


Twitter can’t seem to decide if they hate their users or third party developers more. Perhaps they should introduce wallpaper tokens. Only so many backgrounds to go around, you know.

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Ahhh… I had that Animated GIF there forever… Now it’s gone.

Something something Nick Denton.

Now that is funny


I just changed my background and it returned to everywhere it used to be. I wonder how long it’ll last.

aaaand its gone.

I have been so mad about this. I had some happy dandelions I drew myself as my background. I need my happy dandelions!

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Oh man this is gold. I concur. Down with #FFFFFF privilege!

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