Twitter update lets iOS users go ‘Lights Out,’ adds automatic dark modes

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“Giving more people options to personalize their experience on Twitter based on what makes them most comfortable …"

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Is this part of getting rid of nazis?

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Whoop dee shit, Jack.
What Twitter users want:

  1. Fewer Nazis
  2. Treat the President like any other user of your service
  3. Give us back our chronological timeline
  4. Stop retweeting random things people favorite to their friends

Ok, fine.

You know what’s great for being more comfortable on Twitter ?
The Reimagined Twitter plugin. Great to hide promoted tweets and liked tweets.

Less nazis could be nice too.

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What a weird looking doggo.

It is always off-putting to see promotions for things like Trump’s 2020 campaign; at the very VERY least there should be an option to hide political promotion.

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