Twitterbot generates North Korean patriotic slogans with Markov chains


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Establish the Workers’ Party within the whole Party of the threat of socialist public health system!

This one is actually a chyron from Fox News.


In all fairness to the North Koreans (yeah, I know), those slogans of theirs sound like they’d gone through Google Translate. I want to say I’m sure they sound better in Korean. But we’re talking North Korea, so…

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Take some American “slogans”:
“God Bless America”
“Support our troops”
“our proud warriors”
“this great nation”
“the greatest country”
“the leader of the free world”
“land of the free, home of the brave”
“Operation Enduring Freedom”
“Freedom Fries”

Some of these have been criticized by Americans as well, others are just part of the culture. But if you translate them to a different language, they’ll all sound just as strange as the North Korean slogans do.
I can personally assure you the above examples all become quite laughable when you translate them to German.

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