Here are all of North Korea's new official slogans


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Make the whole country seethe with a high-pitched campaign for producing greenhouse vegetables!

I like this, though I strongly suspect translation errors.


Leaving an exclamation point out of your motto will get you five years of hard labor!


What, no “Arstozka, Glory Greatest Country!”?

Because it is.



Do I detect a slight move upwards along Maslow’s hierarchy compared to last year or am I just imagining it?

(Edited for sense)


Shoes for industry!


More than likely; the cult of personality that the nation was basically resting upon damn near fell apart when the first son of heaven died, and those cracks couldn’t be repaired fully.


Devote yourself to love of Juche and the Supreme Leader as if death by a firing squad of anti aircraft artillery was the alternative!


“Let us starve to death while loving Dear Leader!”

Helluva ring to it.


I assume these were translated by N. Korea? (I mistrust DPRK websites.) Do they not know that all those exclamation points make it look like dialog from a comic book? I do wonder if some of the peculiar (to English speakers) language is due to cultural differences inherent in the language. The messages, however, are priceless vintage Communist-style slogans, perhaps updated for the New Petal Age of Nice Adjusted Committed Communal Comradeship!! (Heck, two !s for measure.)


Become the sparks setting fire to the hearts of the masses and detonators giving full play to Das Boot!


How can we be sure that these slogans weren’t produced by one of @OtherMichael’s bots?


North Korea: the award-winning zine, blog and directory of wonderful things!


Let us construct additional pylons!

For some vague reason, I’m doubting the accuracy of this list…


Let us construct additional pylons!

Pylon loving fascists!



I feel like laughing at NK is kind of emphasizing our own ignorance in our own lives. Maybe not the observant and involved folks here at boing boing, but if the general population better understood what is happening in NK, maybe we would could better see through the bullshit of the US government and demand better for ourselves.

Not meant to be preachy, its just that NK is such a garish artistic/social inspiration. It’s like if Banksy, Warhol, and Kim Jon il had a baby.


Meanwhile, the workers are muttering under their breath: just like a salad, lettuce leaf (let us leave)!


I was going to take up your points and discuss rationally, but then I got to here:

Now I’m just in love.


They could be summed up easily: Make North Korea Great Again!