Two Bit Circus bringing a high-tech micro-amusement park to downtown L.A. in early 2018


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I fail to see how anything they do involves two bits. That would imply a very simple palette with 4 colors (or greyscales). Their web page seems to be in full color.


I think it refers to a quarter or 25¢.


Sounds like a similar concept to DisneyQuest:


Their workshop has some Pretty Cool Things™!


I’d love to visit an old school storefront arcade like you see in 1940’s noir movies. Are there any still in existence, anywhere??


“a high-tech micro-amusement park to downtown”

With things like this, in any downtown but more so for LA, I wonder if the length of the lines will be made up for with the intensity of the micro-amusements.


This sounds like an arcade to me. What am I missing?


Storefront arcades, some, yeah. 1940s-style, I dunno.


I’m thinking something like this. All mechanical.


…And now the tedious pedantry: All analog. Plenty of electrical bits, they’re just not digital.

But I get what you mean. I’m old enough to have enjoyed arcades before digital devices. Super fun, but lots of broken, out of alignment bits.


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