Disney is mooting an overnight Star Wars LARP resort


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I like how you guys are trying to make the original meaning of ‘moot’ happen again.


All I wanna do is fly the Millenium Falcon, they can keep the resort.


Star Wars bubble, how big will it grow?


Check the Star Trek franchise for your research.


The game isn’t being run by Swagbucks. The survey is being conducted by Swagbucks…



You play as Duke Goobler, a renegade bounty hunter seeking the secret plans to the evil Empire’s latest and most nefarious weapon: The Childhood Crusher™!


Pfft. Lamer.

A parsec is a unit of surface area.


That’ll be happening much sooner. It’s set to open 2019. You’ll be able to pilot the falcon and be scored on how you do.
Using the magic band technology RFID tech, if you do really bad…and see Chewbacca at the park later he might have some harsh growls for you for damaging his ship and if you do good other characters in the park will recognize you and comment.


Wait. The Empire wants to turn my job into a weapon of mass destruction?


Like I said– it’s sooper nefarious.


Do you crush childhoods for a living?


If I start saving now I can take my family of four by 2037!


Star Wars Land: Like Westworld, but hopefully not as violent or rapey.


2037? Well, that might get you two nights in the Mos Eisley EconoLodge; no meal plan. Only available roles: Bothans, Jawas.


Oh, than I’m out. :neutral_face:


Sign me the heck up NOW.


Too bad about the Youtube.


I think it moved.