Two Goldman Sachs bankers charged in multibillion-dollar Malaysian money-laundering scam


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Goldman Sachs involved in a scam?
That’s a new Low…


Scam? It was just disruption of the financial and legislative markets.


I think I met this fugitive on-line, under an assumed name… the G-men should be on the lookout for a “Joe Blow”.


Too crooked to fail. /s


“Your honour, my client was simply trying to onboard new paradigms of non-crypto-currency transfers with the goal of increasing win-win synergies between key stakeholders. Why does the prosecution hate innovation and capitalism?”




If I can run a scam where I make $600 million, and if caught I only stand to lose $43.7 million, I will run that scam. Hell, I’ll do it for a $1 million profit margin.

(Goldman Sachs-- you can contact me through my user ID here, thanks.)


Can you plan that sort of scam? If so, they might actually be interested.

Spare us a thought when you’re loafing on your Caribbean island.


Silly me, I read this hoping that the words “prison sentence” would show up somewhere.



“As through this world you travel you’ll meet dishonest men, some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.”

–from “Pretty Boy Floyd”, Woody Guthrie


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