Two half-brother gorillas play and laugh together

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Their play-fighting is far gentler than was the case with my brothers. I don’t see too much risk of a trip to the gorilla ER. Quieter too, so it also keeps the risk low for a gorilla grandma coming in and whacking both of them with a wooden spoon after they interrupt her stories.


Look at their tummies! Such super bellies!


“Here’s the straw. Now it’s your turn to be Fay Wray!”

“Hee-hee! I don’t know how.”

“Lemme show you…”


Heck, it’s even gentler than my two daughters (8 &12). No ER trips yet, but I’ve been tempted to bust out a wooden spoon. Instead I bought some small sized Everlast gloves and we just spar until they get tired.

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If that was my house the one on the right would be screaming “STOP IT”. Kudos to the mellow one for putting up with his more rambunctious brother.


Not seeing the irony here is one of the problems us humans have when it comes to sharing our world with other species.

the WOODEN SPOON! Classic grandmother threat from my childhood!

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