Two men in Greece were busted for cocaine, although the "drug" was a simple craft supply

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The glue offenders were able to retrieve their belongings

And that’s how you know it didn’t happen in the US.


Good timing on the wood glue. It was just the right day for them to stop sniffing airplane glue.


Along with the fact that they were released.


There exists a lot of anti-immigrant hostility to Albanians in Greece, not least among the police. It is an imperfect analog to the hostility against migrants in the US, in that they are much resented and yet also do a vast amount of the work in the country.


I saw “Albanian nationals” and wondered if ethnic profiling was a factor.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Greek cops think that all Albanians are gangsters.


Sounds like a sticky situation :sunglasses:


Seriously, they might get the car back, but they’d never get the cash.
Hell, the cash alone (minus any suspicious powder or even an arrest) will always be seized.
Glorious purpose!


Tacky behaviour from the police, too.



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No doubt many Albanians are involved in crime. But just as in the US and elsewhere, a small minority of a particular ethnic group commits crime, and ignorance and fear broaden the brush.

This is ironic for a lot of cultural and historical reasons, not least that Albanian and Greece have a lot of overlaps. The ‘Village language’ spoken in my father in law’s home town is Arvanitika, which is a few centuries removed offshoot of Albanian. Many Greeks have Albanian roots.

Police anywhere aren’t known for considering the complex and overlapping cultural histories and backgrounds of various peoples while going about their daily business. There may be some of this happening here as well.

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Wonder if they use the same test the cops here in the US use that has in the past few years shown the following positive results that results in weeks/months of jail time until proper lab tests can be run:

  • drywall as crack (guy on probation, was in jail 2 weeks, not sure if probation was revoked, Oviedo FL)
  • vitamins for ecstasy (Tampa)
  • cotton candy - meth, months in jail because the bond was sky high because of the amount (Georgia)
  • krispy kreme donut glaze for meth (Orlando)
  • human cremains as meth/coke, whatever - a few incidents.

Etc. etc.


Surprised they got the $$ back. In the States that wouldn’t have happened.


These were model Albanians who strictly adhere to the law. So they do a little PVA now and again…gotta get your fix somehow.

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