Two muddy elephant babies goofing around in the water


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You look like you could use a baby elephant video.

Roger That!


Needs a soundtrack.

I propose Baby Elephant Walk, by Henry Mancini


Video is much too brief. Needs to be several weeks long.


Check out these totally not sick elephants!

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What? Am I the only person reading Wondermark these days? Or am I the only one who likes it?


I am always compelled to watch Hatari! whenever it is on TV, just for the music.



The GOP need a new animal…

…how about this one…



Baby elephants… YAY!!!


& @davide405
Of all the African animal inspired entertainment from back then, I now have an earworm thanks to your posts. Not Mancini, though, or even the melodic Born Free; instead this:


And a shout out to


Seriously, why do you folks insist on maligning animals? First Jackals, now ticks?

I mean yeah, they’re disgusting soulless bloodsuckers, but to compare them to ticks?


It was hard to pick.
And I do feel bad…
…how about…


In light of Twitters (maybe) approaching policy I feel that I should make it clear that I am not comparing Republicans to Ebola. I’m just selecting what may be a more appropriate mascot for the GOP than the majestic elephant.

  1. Elephants are majestic and wonderful, and

  2. Elephants are goofy as all hell.


They are a ticking timebomb for sure.


The tongue eating sea louse is an excellent choice.


They also switch from being goofy to being absolutely terrifying in the blink of an eye.

I was in Kenya’s Tsavo wildlife reserve watching a big family playing in the water when the smallest of the herd fell into the deepest part of the watering hole and couldn’t climb out.

The whole herd switched from relaxed play to a rescue operation - I don’t know how they coordinated things, but a sergeant major couldn’t have done better. A couple of the biggest females went into the pool to help lift the baby out whilst the remainder of the herd flared their ears and shook their heads slowly whilst advancing towards us. It was a clear ‘back off - or else message’.

So we scooted back a couple of hundred metres and watched. Eventually baby was dragged and pushed out of the water, immediately went back to playing around and being entirely adorable and the herd relaxed again.

There’s no such thing as too much time spent watching elephants. I need to head back and see them again.


Yes, I need baby elephant videos. No, I don’t think music is a good idea. Yes, Mancini is nice. But ATM, I would prefer even a video without any human-made sound at all.

ETA after scrolling: AND without politics.
I has a sad again.


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