Watch: Thankful elephant salutes people who saved a baby elephant that was trapped in a ditch


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a1 top-notch love.


I’m not crying! I was just cutting some onions!


Nice job Mr Backhoe Operator!

And don’t forget that Hair Furor just temporarily blocked some new policy that would allow sh!tbags like Donny Jr (and we thought Eric was the dumb one!) from bringing his elephant trophies back home. I won’t link to the disgusting pic of him posing with a bloody knife and the severed tail of an elephant.

Maybe I need to watch this again now. Or maybe the internet can find me some cute cat or puppy pics. yeah




Aww, yes, teary-eyed bliss. How joyous to see ape people and elephant people working together so well.


We´re all on this planet together so we should take care for each other.
That was a beatyfull video.


Clearly these elephants are not from the UK…


sarcastic comment cancelled


Anyone know if these elephants were wild, or used to interacting with humans, or somewhere in between?


Just remember as you watch this, Trump’s kids are sure proud they killed one of those.

And now they want to make it legal to bring in part of elephants killed for sport.

I mean, just dumb animals right, no emotion, no sentence right?

Trump Jr will look at this an wonder how hard it would be to cut off the tail.


Let’s make it legal to hunt Trumps and collect their asses as trophies, that’s what I’m thinking.


The elephants’ lawyers will be filing a lawsuit over that open and unguarded ditch.



Pretty sure that was the one finger salute.


[old joke]
“He was wearing a cap when he fell in…”
[/old joke]


Everything ended well, despite the thousands of pounds of onlookers crowded to the edge of an unshored and potentially unstable excavation…

If you are not sure of the stability of the ground you are standing on, stay as far away from the edge of a ditch as you are tall.


That was genuinely touching - thanks.


I was just going to link that!


You really want to look at trump’s ass on your wall?

Hell I’m sick of his face on TV.