Melania pets an elephant, kinda


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well, they found an orange-tinted elephant so she’d feel right at home…


I’d be startled too if it suddenly changed course like that. Its not a tiny animal.


Never send a baby to do an adult’s job. Instead of squashed Trump, all we got were some awkward smiles.


As an American taxpayer, I’m so frickin’ proud I get to pay for this bullsh!t. /s


You know, she really is very pretty when she can get away and relax.


Title of her future tell-all autobiography about her marriage to the Trump?


“Check the trunk.” ?


I was interested to see FLOTUS there, as they do good work there. I hope people don’t think it’s a theme park or anything.

they take injured and orphaned young elephants (us. separated from herds or parents as a result of poaching) and socialize them to other elephants in a safe environment, and let them grow up before they release them back to the wild.

Adult elephants raised there sometimes bring their own young back to show the people there who helped raise them. So they seem to be doing something right by the elephants.


At least she’s smiling. Now that I think of it, she seems to be smiling a lot on this trip. I wonder why?


She touched an elephant.

I dare her to touch a donkey.


She got to interact with something more pleasant than the stinking mindless beast back home.


They need to be hunted themselves. The ultimate game…


Check out that sick elephant!


Wondermark FTW…


The Elephant rubbing up against a woman without being invited to? People complain a lot about the writers of 2018 without knowing exactly who they are, I believe I have identified Damon Lindelof as a likely suspect.


She’s checking if it’s tender.


yep she’s got that I ditched the loser glow about her for sure.


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