Two New York actors took to Fifth Avenue to film a tribute to Judy Garland and Fred Astaire


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I guarantee at least one person passing them on the sidewalk is thinking “quit blocking the fucking sidewalk. I’m walkin’ here!”


That was nice, but why were they not dressed like tramps? They’re homeless, that’s the point of the song.


That would be me.


Lip synching? Wasn’t Milli Vanilli publicly executed for lip synching?Kids these days have no respect for tradition.


i wasn’t familiar with the original tune or scene, but what a wonderful thing to do. i was wondering if the people around could hear the original tune. i would think that somebody would recognize Astaire’s voice and realize they were doing.


In the original version, why do you suppose Judy is wearing clown shoes, but Fred isn’t?


They’d get arrested if they looked homeless.

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