Two Republican candidates tell Michigan poll workers to "show up armed" and "unplug machines"

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why in god’s name are candidates allowed to address poll workers in the first place?


They are not (or I’d be surprised if what they are doing is legal). The whole fucking thing that they are doing is illegal.


Fascists are very big on making rules and imposing them, not on following them.


So the MIGQP is recruiting people to become poll workers to do their bidding? That’s my take as these people were called “prospective poll workers”.


as someone who’s literally applying to be a poll worker for this year this morning, this both enrages and terrifies me. i thought the last election was a scary situation – this one is shaping up to be even worse, because they are so desperate.


if we can’t change the tide [code for win fair and square], need to be prepared to lock and load,"

Ha Ha Ha, there’s no Fascism in the USA, never going to happen here…


Bring charges, FFS.


I was shocked back in the 80:s when I read about a local politician (California, I think) in a speech proclaimining that “They may have the ballot boxes, but we have the cartridge boxes”. By now that seems like just a routine statement.


so these two were arrested immediately, right?

… right?

… hello?


Everyone concerned with this, should go to their local election board site and sign up to work the polls for 2022.

I did it in 2008 and have been meaning to sign up again and kept dragging my feet. But we need sane poll workers who are concerned about the integrity of elections.


Ugh. Ryan Kelley is the bootlickiest bootlick who ever bootlicked. In Allendale, MI, where he is the village idiot planning commissioner, he sided with the pro-confederacy counter-protestors during a protest intended to result in the removal of a pro-confederacy statue. He has a family vlog which is basically the unholy love child of The Stepford Wives and The Turner Diaries.


This sounds like a conspiracy to violate election laws.

I hope the Michigan AG takes a hard look at these suspects.


The thing is, in Michigan, we use large heavy weight paper single use ballots. They get marked with a sharpie or ink pen and then you walk over to a scanner and insert your ballot. The scanner then immediately accepts or rejects your ballot. If it rejects it you get help, if not you just go on your way. In all my years I’ve never seen a ballot rejected, occasionally a voter needs help feeding it into the machine but poll workers won’t even touch your ballot once it’s filled out.

There is very little interaction from poll workers other than to check your ID and make sure you’re at the right precinct. It always amazes me when people in Michigan start crying about voter ID when all polling places ask for ID.

I once filled out my ballot wrong(picked the wrong candidate) I asked a poll worker what to do, it was a big production. The number was recorded and then the ballot was destroyed. They had to fill out paperwork and then issue me a new ballot.

The point is, anyone that’s ever voted in person in MIchigan can’t possibly believe there is any voter fraud.

After comments like bring a gun just in case is it any wonder people request mail in ballots. I know I’ll be mailing in my ballot to avoid these idiots in my so very very very red county.


Why would poll workers have any idea what the results were until after the ballots were counted? They aren’t supposed to be tallying the results as they come in.


Thanks for doing that.


I was 18 and helping out my local candidate’s office. Election day, I had to take some sandwiches to some of our people working at a polling station. I accidently left my party button on my shirt when I went in.

The shitstorm that caused… it was a line that got crossed. It was treated as a serious offence. I apologized and said there was no ill-intend meant… like, I could have been in major trouble. Luckily they took me at my word and it all got smoothed out.

This shit that goes on in the States at the polling stations … blows my little mind.


I remember from decades ago in I think Jr. High School, that part of the definition of free fair elections was having a secret ballot.


I contacted my city hall yesterday evening.