Two years after the Grenfell fire, survivors project warnings on similar tower blocks

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I never understood how the building code allowed them to not have sprinklers in the first place! :roll_eyes:


Building code is whatever the developer wants it to be.


Maybe I’m just a terrible, terrible, cynic; but I have this sneaking suspicion that the ‘ultimate’ responsibility that provides the owners with total freedom to decide what risks to take does not provide for symmetry with the consequences they are potentially on the hook for…

I don’t think that going with a “your call; but your problem” system is a remotely good idea when we have the option of having competent subject matter experts bang out some standards and not voluntarily live in a shoddy dystopia; but it would be closer to justice than the present arrangement; where you appear to restrain people neither by standards nor by consequences.

Being “ultimately responsible for the safety of the building” isn’t just “it is for them to decide whether to retrofit sprinklers” but also “and if they make the wrong call they get dragged out and burned alive on a pile of polyethelyne foam cladding…”

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