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Dotsies: a dot-based font for those of us tired of normal letters


Oh thank god. The punchline…

Hahaha… good one guys.

I thought this whole Trump thing was real.

I feel so stupid. Trump. President Trump.

Haha. Oh wow.


As the old aphorism goes, “it’s darkest right before the eclipse”, or something like that . . .


I call shenanigans. The species name is Pan macrocephalis, as any fule kno.


wow, some designs really are classic.


Was anybody else reminded of the writing of Cordwainer Smith, with his Old Old Norstrilia run by the Onsec?

However, the basic unreality of the piece is the idea that if there was a President Trump, the human race would ever have got to Mars. We’ll be too busy selling one another new beachfront property as the oceans rise.


Brilliant. Thank you for this discovery, @beschizza.

By the way, how does the discovery of the ansible relate to the Lost Decade? Are there messages from the 19A0s on it?


I love New Chromatic English! Old Chromatic English is too opaque.


I loved Tzump: The Glowing Crown! It’s almost as good as the prequel, The Growing Clown.


As I don’t want to explode in a furious shower of unconvincing in-camera effects…


Like, mostly any politico after they eat Viagra?


Berlusconi (Trump 0) certainly got fatter while in office, but I’m not sure if that was what you meant.


And, we hope, the post-election version: Dzumped, The Groaning Clown.

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