U.S. Army Ranger charged with murder after beating security guard to death

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That poor woman. And the combination of his military background and her skin color and sex will ensure that the internet is full of assholes asking “well what did she do that he responded that way?”


JFC, what an asshole.


I’m not looking forward to people leveraging PTSD in his defense, simultaneously talking about our broken system that lets veterans fall through the cracks while also wanting to do nothing about it because it would be helpful to the lower class and people of color. After asking what she did to deserve it, they’ll then just move toward ignoring her completely despite her being the victim of such horrible violence.


Looks like they found him. This should be the most open and shut case for murder in history. Anything less is a miscarriage of justice.


It’s probably unlikely that he’ll be able to come up with the $2m the judge set for bail (until some MAGA/proud boy assholes rally to his cause, anyway), but what possible reason* would there be for a judge grant bail in a case like this at all? He’s clearly a risk to the public.

*(Yeah, I know. His skin color clearly played a role in allowing for bail.)


And … so?

His mistake was not getting hired as a cop first.


What the actual fuck.

I can’t with this bullshit; not today.


Same here. It’s Monday, and I have to go out into the world this week with this in the back of my mind.


He has never served in combat, so that would be difficult unless they say that being a soldier is intrinsically traumatising.

Byrne entered the Army in March 2019 as an infantryman. He completed the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program in July 2020 and was subsequently assigned to Lewis-McChord, according to U.S. Special Operations Command. Byrne has no operational deployments.


This happened literally a block from my office. Everyone here is totally freaked out. I mean Tacoma has a rep, but nothing like this. I’m not scared of the exploding number of homeless downtown, and never have been. When it first happened folks kept freaking out it had to be a homeless dude.

I mean, I guess I am still freaked out it happened, and super enraged it’s a JBLM guy and he says he “can’t remember”. Fuck him.


No deployments for over a year and he’s a Ranger? I’m going to be wildly speculative for a second. This guy seems too impulsive and independent to be a Ranger. In fact, those traits can put an entire squad at risk if a guy has no fear of death. So, my assumption is he is under some other active court martial/administrative order to remove him from the Ranger battalion.

But that’s just me trying to make sense of this insanity. All that matters is that this guy will get tried once in civilian court and then again in military court. So, fuck him.


You shouldn’t have to deal with this any day. :frowning:


Huh, so taking potential sociopaths and training them to be violent and to murder sometimes doesn’t work out well. Too bad we can’t do anything at all about that.


This sounds like some stories I heard when PCP was the drug du jour. Is it making a comeback? :grimacing:


Still waiting for the turn where she beat him dead…er, first. Community Edwin Drood is hard.

There’s been a bit of turnover in Minneapolis lately. I’m sure they’ll take him on.
Though his experience might make him overqualified…

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Ranger Creed: “Never shall I fail my comrades . I will always keep myself mentally alert, physically strong, and morally straight, and I will shoulder more than my share of the task, whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some.” Doesn’t say a damned thing about mere civilians.

This seems like exactly the kind of a person that actual special forces units don’t want – reckless, impulsive, uncontrollably violent. If he got into Ranger training, someone badly failed at the job of keeping these kinds of guys out.