Security guard kills teen returning replica gun to sporting goods store

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“The other teens told police Rogani was “dealing with functioning issues on the Airsoft gun and wanted to take it back” to the store. Now he’s dead.”


“Off-duty security guard” who “took it upon himself to conduct overwatch” means he’s some freelance Zimmerman wannabe who felt like committing murder.




Renton is yet another paranoid white nexus.

“…he is not a member of law enforcement and thus has not been trained in how to safely prevent crime…”

To anyone in the greater Seattle area, this is a joke. The outcome would have likely been tragically the same.


I missed the earlier post on this. Here’s my question: 2nd degree murder? How TF is this not 1st degree? This MFer was conducting “overwatch” which he had no duty or authorization to be doing. He initiated the confrontation with the boys, who complied with his bullshit orders and then he shot one of them dead anyway. In Washington State, the difference between 1st degree and 2nd degree murder is premeditation, but premeditation doesn’t require that someone thought to themselves when they left their house, “I’m going to go find someone to kill today.” The state of mind to satisfy premeditation can literally happen in an instant, legally. And these facts, to my mind, easily satisfy that requirement.


IANAL, but should not “standing over him and continuing to fire” pretty much meet the requirements for 1st degree? Hell, that is the perfect time to stop firing! (Other than before he started.) I’m just baffled at this. I responded on another thread about this that, to my surprise, WA is an open carry state. Even had it been a real handgun, they were not violating any laws, and certainly nothing warranting summary execution.


IANALY (but I am officially a J.D.), but hell yes that fact argues for premeditation. If this were a “oh, shit, what did I do?” moment, he wouldn’t have done that.

I don’t remember the name of the case, but the case we studied in law school to explain premeditation involved a robbery suspect running from the police. The suspect ran into an apartment or house, the cop followed him, and they started fighting. The suspect, who was initially unarmed, got the upper hand in the fight, got the cop pinned and stole his gun. And then he stood up over the cop, pointed the gun at the cop, and hesitated for a split second before pulling the trigger, killing the cop. He tried to argue it wasn’t premeditated because he wasn’t armed and he had no intention of killing anyone. That he just panicked. But the court said that moment’s hesitation was enough to show that he developed the intent to commit a murder, which was enough for 1st degree.


Stupid goddamn low trust, high stupid “society”. Fucking fuck. That poor kid and his family. Fuck.


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Professional courtesy.

Either because cops take care of security guards like their own, or because a lot of security guards are cops moonlighting at overtime rates to spike their own pensions.


Sadly, Myers will be held to the law enforcement standard that it’s ok to execute civilians, particularly brown ones like the victim here, if he perceives a threat. Even if he’s completely wrong and just looking for an excuse to kill someone because he’s bored.


Well not entirely. Unlike an actual cop, he doesn’t have qualified immunity, so the family is free to sue the shit out of him. He probably doesn’t have much money, but at least they can sue him. And they can probably sue the security company he works for. He wasn’t on duty, but they can probably pull them in over this “overwatch” nonsense, with some creative lawyering.


Is this the “Good guy with a gun” I keep hearing about?


Most likely not in Western Washington. A DA in the Seattle area would lose their election for going easy on a child-killer.




Yeah, but Trayvon Martin was 17 & his murderer walked.

If this fits the normal pattern, KCSO or Myers’ employer will circulate photos of Rohani with a joint later this week.

And as another data point, there were apparently multiple deputies on scene during the shooting but they did nothing to intervene until it was over.


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Trayvon Martin was murdered 2541 miles away from where this took place in a completely different legal, political, and social environment.


I see it as an expression of the despair that has taken root in so many of us… and your reply as an admonition not to give up hope.

I want to see this “security guard” punished, not because I want revenge, but because we need him to face consequences as a deterrent to others. All too often the killers are let off the hook, which only encourages more reckless behavior.