U.S. Border Patrol says Mexican military helicopter crossed into AZ, fired at agents on Indian land


Would this be considered “crossing a red line”??

Drone retaliatory strikes which somehow end up actually only killing a bunch of civilians in three, two…

The shots fired thing is unusual, and a Bad Thing, but soldiers from Mexico crossing a short distance over the line, as well as customs and border officers from Mexico crossing a short distance is fairly common and sometimes very accidental, especially out in open unmarked areas of the border. There are still many miles of area where it is very difficult to tell exactly where the line is.

I know also for a fact there have been times when US Border agents and customs agents have inadvertently, (and sometimes on purpose for grins) crossed into Mexico as well. This is not something that is looked upon lightly by management people in those agencies, but it does, and has, happened.

The remote areas of the southern border are a very different area compared to many parts of the country and are, in some ways, still the wild west. I would be willing to wager very serious money that a lot of things happen along the border, away from towns and the ports of entry (POE’s) that people never hear about. Lots of them quite crazy.

Unlikely, unless Mexico stops being our Say No To Drugs buddy.

We’ll tolerate all sorts of shenanigans, often markedly less likely to be inadvertent and largely harmless, so long as you cooperate with us on whatever it is we actually care about (commies, drugs, petroleum, that sort of thing). If you start getting uppity on whatever matter we actually have use for you for, though, provocation would be best avoided…

I’ll tell you one thing for sure. If the agents fired upon had fired back, and especially if they had hit anyone or anything, they would have had their asses in a sling big-time.

U.S. police occaisionally cross the Canadian border, too.
American police chase stolen vehicle into Canada

It ended with the truck thief killing someone by vehicular homicide, as four U.S. police cruisers continued the chase through Niagara Falls, Ontario, just after dark.

Maybe that’s why the U.S. wants cross-border officers exempt from Canadian law.

I guess you can’t blame the U.S. for wanting the world to be a one-way street in its favour, but it’s not those kind of freedoms that some foreigners are alleged to hate.


As long as US keeps up it’s terror campaign around the world everybody else has the right to retaliate.

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They were trying to stop Americans who were fleeing lives of poverty and violence.


The U.S. Border Patrol says Mexican law enforcement crossed into Arizona by helicopter a helicopter with Mexican markings crossed the border and fired two gunshots.

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