U.S. charges Iranians with hacking aerospace and satellite technology firms for Islamic republic’s Revolutionary Guard

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/17/u-s-charges-iranians-with-hac.html

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is literally on the verge of being able to build a fucking nuke…

But Iran is the “problem” regime in the region. /s


Hey, they don’t spend money on US weapons like the Saudis do.
They’ll be demonized by both parties and all rational adults of both parties until the end of time.
(and dismember journalists, commit genocide in Yemen with said weapons, etc)

They did at least once…


See, the US would never attempt to hack say Iranian centrifuges or phone systems… the mullahs are outrageous!


Copying is not stealing.

Why would they even bring those charges?
They would never be able to enforce them and they are just admitting that iran was successful at hacking those companies.
I guess the accused individuals are very proud of getting their hard work recognized.

The irony is that Iran would probably just have bought the US technology if there hadn’t been sanctions that prevented them.

Please, the “ayatollahs”, following Mr. Pompeo’s usage at the UN.

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