U.S. expected to charge Iran in network attacks on banks and New York dam

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What are they hoping to accomplish here if all the hackers are in Iran? I doubt Iran is going to extradite them to the US.

Also: Stuxnet, NSA/Snowden, the pot calling the kettle black etc.


Yes but we still have to complain if they do it back, if only to keep up appearances. Imagine the day after Obama went on TV to say, “Well, we hacked them first, so I guess it’s only fair.” Republican heads exploding like popcorn.

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All that’s going to happen is Iran is going to build their wall 10 feet higher.
And we’re going to have to pay for it!

That headline led me to believe that this was about billing Iran for services rendered.

I’m really, really disappointed.

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So, will Iran charge them for StuxNet in retaliation, or did Iran already do that first?

Really, they should just call that even.

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“… but we’re the good guys!”

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