The secret twin of Stuxnet




Too bad about the paywall. The story sounds interesting.


Yup, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Forcing me to sign up before I’ve even read a single article is a sure-fire way of making absolutely certain I never visit your website again…

EDIT: Here’s the original, non-paywalled article on Langner’s website:


In case this helps, the paywall never even appeared in my javascript-off browser… I had no idea there was one til you mentioned it and I checked it in another browser.


It sure does - thanks!


As an IT Security man myself, I picked this up on Longform or Longreads a few days ago and was really impressed. This is some of the best ‘public level’ writing on malware I’ve ever read.


why do you read that rag (FPM)?

(identity wall)


Avoid the paywall with this URL:


Didn’t hit a paywall.
This is a very good read indeed. Had to re-read several parts just to really get it.


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