Inside Yemen's shadow war arsenal


Took me to a paywall and a pop-up subscription offer.

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Same here and I don’t particularly like having to subscribe to a site just to read one article. Is there another link that jumps past the paywall?

edit: Googled and found this link - Not sure if it’s the exact same but some good info there.

It’s a popup but not a paywall. You can read the article without paying (I did).

I understand that it’s a popup - I should have noted that in my previous response. Rather than saying paywall, I should have said popup. Sorry for the blunder but regardless, a popup that won’t go away, even though I use Adblock Plus, is just as annoying. True, I could have just registered for free but I don’t see the need to even do that just to read an article.

I didn’t register either. I just clicked on the “X” on the popup and it went away. I just went back to the page again, and didn’t even get the popup this time. o_O

Sign up using your social media account using the above links

Nope. I’ll try at home where I’ve got Nuke Anything Enhanced installed & see if that signup thing can be removed.

Sorry for the late reply - my popup had no “X” to click otherwise I would have. Indeed, since that’s such an obvious thing to do, I didn’t mention that it wasn’t there as I figured that I didn’t need to. In any case, meh, no skin off my ass and I found it elsewhere anyway. Good article…sort of…that doesn’t really ask any questions, gives a few details - a very few, of a few programs and that was pretty much it. Unfortunately, I’m used to my country doing stupid shit like this. Witness all this NSA bullshit.

I too can’t get that pop-up to go away, FWIW. I’ve had that issue with FP before.

One of my advisers, Isa Blumi wrote an excellent history of Yemen, which compares the post-90 unification period with the Ottoman period (he’s an Ottoman historian). He spent extensive time on the ground in Yemen in writing this book and makes a rather strong argument in favor of the view that Salah was actively creating a chaotic situation in order to win American and Saudi support:

It’s worth reading if you are interested in what’s happening there.

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