Schneier on America's new cyberwar offense

Security researcher Bruce Schneier, in his Crypto-Gram newsletter: Today, the United States is conducting offensive cyberwar actions around the world. More than passively eavesdropping, we’re penetrating and damaging foreign networks for both espionage and to ready them for attack. We’re creating custom-designed Internet weapons, pretargeted and ready to be “fired” against some piece of another… READ THE REST

This is terrible news, and it’s sure as shit going to come back and bite them in the ass.

On a different note, Is it just me, or are BB’s posts receiving a lot fewer comments
since the switch to Discourse? I mean, a post like this, and no comments?
I miss the often profound insights of my fellow boingboing readers.

Hopefully they can crack the big iron and get our enemies garbage files.

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But it’s OK if WE do it. Because, you know, we’re the good guys.

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