U.S. tried to Stuxnet North Korea and failed, says former intel officer


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When they can do that, I’ll be impressed!


I miss WWN, oh I know it is online but the paper rag was so much fun to read and laugh at.


The “hot sheets”…

Ha Ha ha !


I would think that covert action attempted against a certifiable man-child with nukes would justifiably be classified and against the law to reveal. It will be interesting to see if the government goes after this confidential source with the same venom they have for whistleblowers who revealed domestic spying. Might give some insight into who the government sees as a greater threat–NK or its own citizens.


was it not windows 95 compatible?


Shoulda sent in Team America.


Have you accepted One True as your personal savior in the Meme Wars?


“One True” is the fictional hegemonic software program that takes control of individual human minds and entire human societies in John Barnes’ two Meme Wars …

Not everyone would get that ref…


And this is why Battlestar Galactica wasn’t networked!


I had no idea our national security apparatus employed so many COBOL programmers.


Surely you mean “laugh with.”


They tried, but just couldn’t fit it on a 3½" 720KB SSSD diskette.


An unofficial source told me it was because they couldn’t find a way to attach the virus to a typewriter ribbon.



[computer virus spreas to humans]

Actually, there is such kind. Doesn’t “infect” computers, just uses them to spread to (and by) people.


So the way to protect your secret nuclear weapons programme from Stuxnet is to make sure your computers are set to US English? [Makes note.]



Anti-propaganda monitoring probably has everyone scared to pick up anything unless they get it from a trusted black market source.


Indeed, I rather thought that whatever technology North Korea might be using would be too primitive to be infected by a typical virus. Kind of like all those US missile silos that are still running off 8-inch floppies.

(Isn’t it still just a little bit dubious that North Korea has a functional nuclear program at all?)